Approximate Work Schedule for Implementation of Activities Under the Project


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3














Workpackage 1

Develop top-crosses in Brazil













Top-cross evaluation in Brazil, Cameroon, Guadeloupe, Colombia













Synthetic obtainted













Diallel obtained













Diallel evaluation













Evaluation in soil and nutrient solution of aluminium RILs













Obtention of RILS for P efficiency














Workpackage 2

Management strategies on soil chemical, biological and physical characteristics, remnant effect of soil management













Soil characterisation













Identification of appropriate cropping system and soil management practices adapted to farmer conditions













Parameter of crop model













Technical  itineraries and simulation tool














Workpackage 3

 Correlation between root tip exudation of organic acids, the accumulation of Al in root tips & tolerance between contrasting genotypes













 Spatial location of AL in maize root tips and the interaction of time of exposure x level of Al x tolerance differential













Modification of rhizosphere pH and Al resistance differential between contrasting maize genotypes













Protein patterns in root tips and root exudates














Workpackage 4

Eight lines evaluated for acid organic secretion in aluminium and phosphorus stresses













Crosses among eight inbred lines and a line with over-expression of citrate synthase













Evaluation of crosses in field and lab














Workpackage 5

Pectin contents













Degree of methylation













The role of the Zmal1 gene product on Al resistance














Workpackage 6

Surface negativity













Protoplast viability













Membrane-lipid peroxidation













Enzyme activities related to oxidative stress













Omt134-expreessing plants in response to Al













ZMGST2 coded proteins














Workpackage 7

  Advance one generation of self pollination to develop the F6:7 RILs













Select RFLP and SSR markers against the parental lines and contrasting DNA bulks













 Saturated genetic maps with markers associated to aluminium tolerance developed













 QTLs characterized in relation to theirs effect and action














Workpackage 8

Characterization of phosphate transporters-genes induced in P-starved maize roots













Characterization of maize genetic standards for contrasting phosphate-transporters genes













Characterization of contrasting phosphate-transporter genes and DNA sequence














Workpackage 9

Cloning of the ZMGST2 promoter













Expression of the Zmal1 promoter in maize













Analysis of promotors active in the roots of trangenic maize plants













Analysis of the Zmal1 promoter in transgenic tobacco













Characterisation of transgenic maize plants expressing genes under the control of promotors active in roots













Expression of the Zmgst2:GUS in maize














Workpackage 10

Writing and calibration of the model













Experimental measurement in the rhizosphere













Validation of the model














Workpackage 11

Isolation and characterisation of native AM fungi from acid soils













Characterisation of the contribution of these AM fungal strains to maize plant adaptation to soils acidity













Study of the role of AM fungal strains in Al resistance of maize