Papers presented at the IPNC

The papers are available only in the PDF-format. To view these files, the Acrobat-Reader is needed.

V.M.C. Alves Mechanisms of phosphorus efficiancy in maize alves.pdf
J.E. Baquerol Interaction effects of organic materials and lime on grain yield and nutrient aquisition of three maize varieties grown in an Oxisol of the Colombian eastern plains baquerol.pdf
L. Collet Characterisation of maize cultivars in their adaptation to acid soils on the single plant level collet1.pdf
L. Collet Effects of heterogeneous Al and P supply on root growth and screening of maize cultivars differing in Al resistance collet2.pdf
L. Herrera-Estrella Molecular characterization of the effects of phosphorus on the development of root hairs in Arabidopsis estrella.pdf
M. Kamh Exudation of organic acid anions by different maize cultivars as affected by phosphorus deficiency and aluminium toxicity kamh.pdf
P.S. Kidd Does root exudation of phenolics play a role in aluminium resistance in maize (Zea mays L.)? kidd.pdf
A. Sta Physiological characterisation of genes contributing to enhanced aluminium resistance in yeast stass.pdf
L.A. Rojas Organic matter and its relation to maize crops on acid soils of Colombia rojas.pdf
N. Schmohl Cell-wall composition modulates aluminium toxicity schmohl.pdf
C. Th Three years performance of a tolerant and a susceptible maize cultivar on non-amended and amended acid soil the.pdf


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