Claude Welcker

Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, INRA, Guadeloupe


The regional center of INRA (French National Institut for Agricultural Research) located in Guadeloupe is the only one center over 22 targeting on tropical agriculture research and development. It has a special vocation to contribute to the development of the Caribbean agriculture providing welcker.jpg (13724 Byte)basic knowledge, technology and training. The URPV research unit focuses on biological ressources characterization and optimized utilization for adaptation of food-crops to environmental constrains. C. Welcker is leader of the maize program. He is involved in research on adaptation of tropical maize to stress. The work mainly focuses on genetic resources enhancement and utilization. Recent results emphasize interest of native caribbean germplasm for breeding for insect resistance. He identified new multiple insects resistant source germplasm and developed and is transferring useful improved germplasm to farmers.

More recently involved in breeding for acid soil tolerance in maize, C. Welcker developed close collaborations with breeders of EMBRAPA, IRAD and CIMMYT within the frame of INCO1 project to quantitatively evaluate genetic progress for adaptation to soil acidity and to appreciate usefulness of tolerant source populations. However, he developed close co-operation with agronomists (H. Ozier-Lafontaine, Y.M. Cabidoche) focussing on characterization and modeling of root development and architecture to determine plant adaptative parameters to stress relevant as selection criteria.

C. Welcker participates to Caribbean and African regional fora (PROCICARIBE, CORAF…). He argues for the involvement of the farmers in selection process and for working under selection conditions that are, some where, the reflect of the reality of smallholders farmers fields.


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