Prof. Dr. Luis Herrera-Estrella

Centro de Investigacion y Estudios Avanzados, CIEA, Mexico



The Centro de Investigacion y Estudios Avanzados (CIEA) is a public institute, financially supported by the Mexican federal government, whose mission is to carry out research and to train students at the Ms.C. and Ph.D. level. The Biotechnology Unit of CIEA was created in 1986 to carry out basic research in plant biology and to apply molecular biology and genetic engineering techniques for the genetci improvement of plant species of economical and/or social importance for Mexico.

Dr. Luis Herrera-Estrella a plant molecular biologist with ample experience in the development of plant transformation systems, the study of gene regulation in plants and the application of plant genetic engineering techniques for plant improvement. Dr. Herrera-Estrella has recently developed a technology to produce aluminium-resistant transgenic plants, based on the modification of the production of organic acids, and has published over 60 pier reviewed articles in internationally recognised journals. Dr. Herrera-Estrella has received awards from the New York Academy of Science, UNESCO, TWAS and the Mexican Academy of Sciences for his achievements in plant biotechnology and was recently elected as president of the International Society of Plant Molecular Biology.


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